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We are the content agency for the decade. We specialize in Mixed Realities: Augmented and Virtual experiences that increase the impact of the message and enrich lives. We own the languages of digital multimedia, whether they relate to audio or video in any of its forms.


We study trends and analyze forecasts, keeping ourselves in the loop of the things to come. Therefore we are uniquely apt to provide tailored advice on how to move forward in any realm of the digital content world.


We are specially tailored to work within the news environment. We have helped several media titles in specific areas of expertise, helping them unleash the full power of their brand and realize their commitment to the users.   


We also specialize in content that educates while entertaining. Most of the audiovisual content we produce, specially for TV, has been based in this concept. Also, the cultural experiences we provide have used the expertise of entertainment to deliver knowledge within a digital environment.

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Our Featured Projects

Here’s a glimpse of what we have been doing in the last eighteenth months

Museu da Marioneta

01. -
Museu da Marioneta

We created the first virtual experience on Lisbon’s Museu da Marioneta. Taking advantage of the global concept of puppeteering, we devised a narrative to take the user on a voyage around the world. Based on the case we had with the VR in the Museu da Imprensa, we improved the work to include a wider narrative arch and a better integrative experience for visitors.   


02. -

We developed the first local news Augmented Reality experience in Algés. As a concept prototype supported by Google, we created and deployed an entire newsroom that spent five months creating news pieces about the region. The insights were meaningful and will allow to set standards for AR in the news realm.


03. -

As a consultancy project, we helped this Berliner start-up become a reality. We created the framework for finding publisher partners, the concept to build the internal team, the technical structure and the market proposition. The whole work allowed the idea of Forum to see the light of day in 2020.

ID Europa

04. -
ID Europa

As partners of the CNJ in a grant by the European Parliament, we created a team to develop content about the EP elections. We elected direct contact with young voters as an absolute priority, so we created a digital + events strategy that led the entire team of young influencers to most universities in the country.


05. -

Until 2018 we helped Público complete its digital reconversion. That included launching a new website, upgrading the digital formats in text, audio and video and creating a new approach to community and social media. Those tasks were developed from within the newsroom, embedded in the editorial masthead in direct articulation with the business department.

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